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Why Did We Choose the Name Aristotle?

Aristotle, the great philosopher, emphasized the importance of developing excellence, or virtue, of character. In his view, excellence of character is a state concerned with choice and can be achieved when one is able to take the right action, at the right time, with the right motive and in the right way. At Aristotle, we embrace this concept.

The name Aristotle (Greek name Aristotélēs) means “the best purpose”, which is derived from the words aristos (best) and telos (purpose). To us, “best purpose” means that our purpose is to achieve excellence and to do so for our clients, our employees, our community and our firm. This philosophy is embodied in the Aristotle tenets below:

Our first and primary responsibility is to our clients. We believe this is the foundation for our success.
We commit time, talent and resources to give back to our local communities.
We are committed to creating a culture of honesty, hard work and integrity and fostering a setting that spurs intellectual growth.
We collaborate with the common goal of meeting our clients’ needs and achieving our company’s purpose.

Our Values

We place our clients’ interests first
We are respectful
We act with integrity
We empower our employees
We seek to achieve excellence through accountability and collaboration
We value community

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Independent investment advisors are supported by an integrated shared services platform, enabling investment teams and other professionals to focus on their areas of expertise.
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