Aristotle Credit Partners
High Yield Bond

Strategy Overview

The High Yield Bond strategy seeks to provide strong risk-adjusted returns relative to the ICE BofA BB-B U.S. Cash Pay High Yield Constrained Index with lower return volatility than the benchmark over a full market cycle. The strategy seeks to optimize long-term returns with a focus on mitigating market risk through a combination of high current income and capital appreciation.

Investments are focused on the upper two tiers of the high yield market as we believe these credits generally possess more favorable risk-reward profiles compared to other high yield bonds. We seek credits with strong fundamentals, ample cash flow, solid capital structures and low default risk.

Benchmark: ICE BofA BB-B U.S. Cash Pay High Yield Constrained Index

Cash: Maximum 5%

Minimum Issue Size: $150M Original Issuance

Maximum Issue Holding: 10% of Original Issuance

Maximum Industry Allocation: 30.0%

Portfolio Minimum Average Quality: B2

Minimum Security Rating: B/CCC

Issuer Max: BB: 4%; B: 3%; B/CCC: 2%

Maximum Allocation to Split B/CCC: 5%

Duration: Typically +/- 25% of Index

Investment Grade Securities: Up to 25%

Maximum Allocation to Emerging Markets: 25%


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