Aristotle Atlantic Partners
Core Equity

Strategy Overview

The Core Equity strategy applies a fundamental, bottom-up security selection process to a universe of companies with market capitalizations in excess of $2 billion at initial investment. Aristotle Atlantic seeks to buy companies that can benefit from strong product cycles, positive secular themes or cyclical trends, all of which are continually reviewed and updated by the investment team. The portfolio is constructed of 45 to 60 companies. In-depth, company-specific research is conducted by the analysts to identify what they believe to be high-quality companies that could benefit from our investment pillars.

The objective of the Core Equity strategy is to maximize long-term capital appreciation relative to the S&P 500 Index over a full business cycle utilizing a risk-controlled investment approach that emphasizes security selection as the primary source of alpha generation. The tracking error is generally within a 2%-4% range with an above average information ratio.

Benchmark: S&P 500 Index

Market Cap Range: Over $2 billion at purchase

Sector Weights: 0%-200% of Index for sectors 1%-10%; 50%–150% of Index for sectors > 10%

Individual Position Size: Maximum 5% at cost (unless benchmark weight > 3%)

Cash: Maximum 10%; Average < 2%

Annual Turnover: Approximately 25%

Vehicles Offered: Separate Account, Mutual Fund, Model Delivery


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