Aristotle Capital Management
International Equity

Strategy Overview

The International Equity strategy applies a fundamental, bottom-up security selection process to a universe of companies primarily domiciled outside of the United States and with market capitalizations typically in excess of $2 billion. The strategy may own foreign ordinary shares as well as American Depository Receipts (ADRs). Emerging market exposure is limited to 20% of the portfolio market value.

The objective of the International Equity strategy is to optimize long-term performance relative to the MSCI EAFE Index (Net) while providing adequate downside protection. Given the ability to invest in Canada and the emerging markets (up to 20%), we encourage our clients to also consider our returns as compared to the MSCI ACWI ex USA (Net) Index. Our investment process is based on fundamental, bottom-up research analysis and does not have explicit risk and return objectives.

Benchmarks: MSCI EAFE Index (Net); MSCI ACWI ex USA Index (Net)

Minimum Market Cap: Typically $2 billion at initial purchase

Sector Weights: Within 50%-200% of MSCI EAFE Index major sector weights

Country Weights: Within 50%-200% of MSCI EAFE Index major country weights; Maximum 20% allocated to emerging markets

Position Size: Maximum position size 6% of portfolio market value

Cash: Typically less than 5%

Vehicles Offered: Separate Account; Mutual Fund; Collective Investment Trust


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