COVID-19 Response

January 31, 2021

The safety of our employees, clients, vendors and other stakeholders is of paramount importance to Aristotle.  As such, the Aristotle First Response Team has been meeting regularly to evaluate and monitor the COVID-19 situation following the CDC’s recommendations as well as local agencies and authorities.  The First Response Team’s goal is to protect our employees and ensure we provide uninterrupted portfolio management and servicing of our clients.

In addition to our long-established, comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP), Aristotle created a preparedness plan specific to the COVID-19 situation.

The most recent update to our plans is as follows:

•  All Aristotle offices (Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Boston and New York City) are open for voluntary occupancy.  Where applicable, capacity limits are enforced, offices have been equipped with additional protective measures and all returning employees are required to wear masks and go through COVID-19 protocols.

The following plans remain in place:

•  Augmented business travel policy.
•  Updated office visitor policy.
•  Employee cross-training, backup coverage reviews and expanded remote access. 
•  Expanded employee health protection education and active management communication.
•  Employee paid leave accommodations.
•  Enhanced office cleaning and sanitation.

We are confident in our ability to continue fulfilling our obligations to our clients. Aristotle will continue to monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation as well as our preparedness plan and make adjustments, as needed.

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Are you fully operating? 
Aristotle is fully operating.  Employees have successfully adapted to these challenging times and continue to run our business efficiently and effectively.  We are pleased to report that our firm and employees are delivering uninterrupted service to our clients. 
What measures are being taken from a business continuity and trading perspective? 
In addition to our long-standing comprehensive Business Continuity Plan, we have created a preparedness plan specific to the COVID-19 situation.  We formed a First Response Team which has been meeting regularly to evaluate and monitor the situation following the CDC and other government agencies’ recommendations.  The First Response Team’s goal is to protect our employees and ensure we provide uninterrupted portfolio management and servicing to our clients.  We also continue to keep our Business Continuity Plans current and tested regularly. Additionally, Aristotle adds to staff as needed to maintain adequate staffing levels and uninterrupted client service.  Employees are cross trained, so appropriate backups are in place in the case of absenteeism.  Employees have secured access to systems from home, or any other location with internet access. Lastly, certain functions, such as trading, continue to have some team members onsite for continuity purposes.
Have you activated your Business Continuity Plan as a result of COVID-19?
The Business Continuity Plan was activated in March 2020 when the offices initially closed and employees transitioned to working remotely. The Plan is not considered activated today as offices have reopened for voluntary return. Aristotle continues to be fully operational.
When was the plan invoked? 
The BCP was invoked when the Aristotle Los Angeles and Newport Beach offices were forced closed by both the Los Angeles County Health Order and Order of the State Public Health Officer to “Stay at Home” the evening of March 19, 2020.  Additionally, New York issued the PAUSE policy (Policies Assure Uniform Safety for Everyone), effectively closing the Aristotle New York office starting March 22, 2020.  Finally, Massachusetts issued an Essential Services and Revised Gatherings Order, effectively closing the Aristotle Boston office starting March 24, 2020.  Pursuant to CDC guidelines and updated state mandates, the Aristotle offices are reopened for voluntary employee return.
Is the policy fully or partially enacted?
The business continuity policy was fully enacted in California, Massachusetts and New York. We have initiated a staged process of reopening offices in California, Massachusetts and New York. The re-entry plans are being implemented in phases with office health and sanitation protocols and limited occupancy numbers. The planning continues to be designed for the continuous and uninterrupted servicing of our clients and portfolio management. We are operating at normal capacity, where all employees remain fully operational and IT systems are functioning properly.
Note – added fully here to communicate that we did not go in to minimization mode when fully enacting our plan
Has your firm restricted employee travel?
Aristotle has enhanced Business Travel and Visitor Policies in place.  Additionally, we have policies around office visitors that are consistent with policies for any employee entering an Aristotle office.  Employees are asked to monitor personal travel in the event there is a need to self-quarantine.
Do you anticipate any areas of challenge if this issue were to persist?
Our plan is designed for the continuous and uninterrupted servicing of our clients and portfolio management.  Although we do not currently see any factors that would prevent us from fulfilling our obligations to our clients, Aristotle will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and make adjustments to our plan and operations, such as increased collaboration tools.
How are you handling cybersecurity during this time?
Cybersecurity is a key area of focus and executed through our robust cybersecurity program. Our cybersecurity team is fully operational and continues to monitor our environment and endpoints for threats and vulnerabilities. We recognize the need to increase our vigilance and are doing so proactively. We have been increasing cybersecurity training for new and existing employees, as well.
Are you planning to reopen Aristotle offices?
Yes. All four Aristotle offices are currently open and employee re-entry is voluntary. Office re-openings are guided by local and state guidelines for reopening, adhering to health agencies’ recommendations for enhanced health sanitation protocols. Aristotle has updated its office visitor policy, as well.  All Aristotle affiliates continue to be fully operational at this time. 
How can I stay updated of any changes? 
Our website will be maintained with the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19.  If you have additional questions, please contact your Aristotle representative.

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