The Essence

The Essence
Kruger National Park, South Africa
“Look at the trees. Now, look even closer. You will see just a few small hints of green buds growing out of the bark. The trees symbolize a natural rebirth after a controlled fire.” – Reborn, 2011
Third Quarter 1001 Uses for Windmills
Second Quarter So Cute!
First Quarter Thermodynamics
Fourth Quarter Dear Mr. (Incoming) President…
Third Quarter The Lion Dancer
Second Quarter The Farmer
First Quarter The Speeding Ticket
Fourth Quarter Numb3rs
Third Quarter Akihabara
Second Quarter Not (yet) For Sale
First Quarter Kosher Meat
Fourth Quarter A Good Man
Third Quarter Testing … Testing … (Part II)
Second Quarter Testing … Testing … (Part I)
First Quarter The Girl From Ipanema
Fourth Quarter JFK
Third Quarter The Factory Owner
Second Quarter Justice!
First Quarter The Aussie Shepherd
Fourth Quarter The Most Dreaded Day
Third Quarter The Defeat of Midoriyama
Second Quarter The Leaning Tower of Pisa
First Quarter Pink’s
Fourth Quarter der Mut zur Lücke – Mind the Gap
Third Quarter Coney Island
Second Quarter The Officiant
First Quarter Reborn
Fourth Quarter Everyone Loves a Wonton


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