Investment Management

Our disciplined investment team consists of experienced and insightful individuals who work within a collegial and collaborative environment to construct investment portfolios for our clients. Our in-depth company research is conducted internally and our analysts have expertise in all sectors and industries globally. We rotate sector coverage to encourage lengthy tenure as well as differing perspectives, enriching our research and enhancing risk management.

Howard Gleicher, CFA Gary Lisenbee Geoffrey Stewart, CFA
Sean Thorpe Alberto Jimenez Crespo, CFA Gregory D. Padilla, CFA
Victor Hawley, CFA William Cram, CFA Jay Cunningham, CFA
Jake Gilden, CFA Robert Bexton, CFA Weixin Lin
Kevin Zhang Lauren Caston James Henderson, CFA
Catalina LlinĂ¡s, CFA Aylon Ben-Schlomo, CFA