Global Opportunities

The Global Opportunities strategy is an actively managed “broad and flexible” mandate, by market capitalization and geography, with a fundamental, bottom-up approach to security selection. While the intent is to invest primarily in global equity securities, the strategy has the ability to invest in a variety of other instruments traded in U.S. and foreign markets, including, but not limited to, fixed income securities, convertible securities, preferreds, warrants, cash and cash equivalents, and occasionally precious metals that the team perceives to offer the best risk-adjusted returns.

The objective of the strategy is to provide equity like returns with a focus on mitigating risk over a multi-year time period. While the strategy is not managed to track a benchmark, our goal is to outperform the MSCI World Index over the long-term.

Mutual Fund

The Global Opportunities strategy is also available as the Aristotle/Saul Global Opportunities Fund.

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